ROI Statistical analysis

Can't figure out what happened to last month's marketing budget? What about next steps for higher ROI? Send us your spreadsheet and we will analyze the trends and provide recommendations for your industry in plain English.

lead generation and funnel management

Want a fresh set of eyes to take a look at your funnel? Only interested in deep-diving into a particular process of your funnel? We can help with any questions or concerns you may have about your sales funnel and lead generation efforts. Let's schedule a call or a visit.

We have Lean Six Sigma Black Belts in our staff that can help you with continuous improvement efforts; even if not related to lead generation or funnel management. 

lean manufacturing or six sigma

Hourly Services & Special Projects

We also offer our expertise in data analysis, lead generation, funnel management, and Lean Six Sigma with convenient hourly rates. We can help on-site or off-site via phone/internet.  

blitz workshop

Can't get all the stakeholders in a room for 4-5 days? Not a problem, we have a 1-day blitz specifically targeted at discovery and execution of high-impact low-effort actions. 

With a week-long workshop, you will be amazed on how much your team can such little time. Take the next step towards improving your funnel management processes.

Single in-house Workshop

With this 3-6 month engagement you will achieve best-in-class results and gain significant competitive advantage. We will carefully plan and execute 3 in-house workshops with as much pace as your team can handle.

3 in-house Workshops

Rapid Improvement Workshops 

In most companies, it could take weeks or months to go through a continuous improvement cycle: 1) Gather comprehensive data from agencies and in-house experts, 2) clean, analyze and present findings, 3) brainstorm alternative solutions and 4) approve and test suitable solutions. 

With our workshops, you go through as many improvement cycles in one week as possible:

With our funnel management services, you get higher returns on your marketing investments via optimization of your lead generation efforts. Our team uses successful continuous improvement techniques, commonly known in manufacturing and logistitcs processes, tailored to funnel management. 

funnel management Improvement services: