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Confidence Level Output                               ✓                                                                            

Adjustable Confidence Level                        ✓                                                                            

A/B/C/D Split (Test 4 Versions)                                                                                                                        

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A/B Split (Test 2 Versions)                                                                                                                                   


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Our Easy-Stats AB Split Testing Calculator will allow you to confidently pick a winner and not have to run the same experiments over and over again. It will also provide warning messages for common mistakes when analyzing results. Whether you are testing a couple of emails, ads, or landing pages, this calculator will run all the statistics in the background to guide you to the correct conclusion.

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Easy-Stats AB Split Testing Calculator 

AB Split Testing is an integral part of optimizing lead generation by learning valuable insights about your customers and adapting to drive improved results. However, there are common mistakes when interpreting the data:

  • Not allowing experiments to reach a large enough sample size

  • Declaring a winner before statistical confidence is reached (see table below)

  • Using extreme conversion values (close to 0% or 100%)