Lean manufacturing for lead generation

​Lean Manufacturing was made famous by the Toyota Production System (TPS) and many companies have been extremely successful in adapting its principles to back office processes. At VORTICE SERVICES, we use select principles and tailor them for lead generation and funnel management. These are some examples:

  1. Single-Piece Flow: batching and queuing processes will negatively impact the conversion of your funnel by making your leads go stale. What percent of your leads pick-up the phone when you call them? We will take a deep look at your processes to understand where single-piece flow opportunities exist to bring immediate benefits to your processes.  
  2. Visual Controls: In your car, you get easy access to the speed readings, engine temperature, and gas level, allowing the driver or passenger to flag any issues. With lead generation and funnel management, dashboards and aggregate data are seldom available to marketers or sales teams since it is scattered among different platforms, software programs, and hard drives. How can you improve what you can't measure? By taking this principle into account, we ensure your relevant dashboards are readily available so that your team can spend more time fixing issues instead of arguing about the data. 
  3. Error-Proofing: At VORTICE SERVICES, we look for opportunities to error-proof your processes. We know typical lead generation and funnel management mistakes such as: optimizing for the wrong keywords, tradeshow leads going stale for weeks in someone's computer, or picking the wrong winner in a A/B test.