Six Sigma places an emphasis on data analytics and cause-effect relationships. We leverage these principles to gain deeper knowledge of your customers and your processes.   

Lean Manufacturing principles will make your funnel management processes run like a well-oiled machine ensuring you get the maximum ROI out of your marketing budgets.    

Rapid Improvement Workshops 

are face to face 3-5 day events that will get your company quick results. They allow the team to gain alignment, detect wins, and execute improvements.   

How does VORTICE SERVICES achieve results?

We use continuous improvement techniques commonly known in manufacturing and logistics processes tailored to lead generation and funnel management.

Funnel management expertise 

that will allow for faster pin-pointing 

of troubled areas/processes for better lead generation management

Deep understanding of statistics so your improvements will be real, impactful, and long-lasting

Extensive A/B testing experience that will ensure you don't waste precious time and resources in experiments or solutions that will not drive improvement

VORTICE SERVICES is a lead generation and funnel management consulting company that specializes in optimization of B2B sales processes for today's digital world. Vortice, Latin for English word Vortex, exemplifies our methodology for getting you business results: we accelerate your b2b online lead generation and funnel management processes to get you better conversion rates throughout your sales funnel and speed up your revenue potential.

Why VORTICE SERVICES for b2b online lead generation?